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author of high tech, action orientated science fiction



Science and technology combined with experience in the development of state-of-the-art weapon systems is at the core of the science fiction CL Smothers writes. His novels create high tech worlds and intriguing plots filled with numerous twists and turns. The characters are brilliant, but affable, who succeed and sometimes fail but never quit trying to overcome the challenges they confront. The villains are as mean and evil as his protagonists are likable, and they make the story a fun read.


The Wormhole Project, CL’s first novel, includes three tightly intertwined plots: development of a risky wormhole technology; terrorists who infiltrate the project, steal the technology and create a weapon of mass destruction to destroy America; and the efforts of an artificial intelligence hologram wanting to become a human.


His latest novel, The Last 40 Days, follows the tumultuous adventures of a scientist who develops a time machine for one purpose: to go back to AD 33 to see if Jesus Christ was who the claimed to be, and to resolve a long-standing conflict between his scientific and religious beliefs.


During his career, he was a Technical Director, Program Manager, Director of Research and Development, Vice President of R&D Business Development, and was an Engineering Consultant for the US Navy. Smothers is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas and has earned AA degrees in Engineering Mathematics and Physics, a BS in Physics, an MS in Electrical Engineering, and an MBA. He also taught computer design and engineering mathematics at Fullerton College. His bio has appeared in several yearly issues of Who’s Who in Southwestern United States. Affiliations include membership in the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) and he is cofounder of the Robson Ranch Writers Guild.


He resides with his wife, Judith, a noted painter and sculptor, at Robson Ranch in Denton, Texas.

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