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author of high tech, action orientated science fiction


This fast-moving, action-packed, crime drama with a science fiction twist brings three interesting and colorful characters together: Crash McCord and ex biker turned lawman; his sidekick Sam, a beautiful African American woman with a PhD in chemistry and an expert in Karat; and Red Cloud, a tough, full bloodied, American Pima Indian who loves Jack Daniels whiskey.


After a brawl in a biker bar the trio are given a choice: join the Rangers or go to jail. After graduating from the Ranger Academy, they are sent to Alta 121 where they discover some alien force is decimating the scientists by extracting their spinal fluids, then to Sirus 331 which has been overrun by pirates led by the most vicious criminal in the cosmos— The Skull.


Back on Earth the team has exciting adventures in the Virgin Islands and under the Caribbean Sea fighting international drug runners and sea monsters.


To their dismay the killing starts again on Alta 121. They soon realize a very unusual invasion is underway and they must figure out a way to stop it or engage in a bloody war that will spread across the entire universe and possibly the enslavement of all humanoid lifeforms.

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