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author of high tech, action orientated science fiction

MP-1 The Mineral Planet

The Entity endured one thousand years of solitude to complete a sacred mission entrusted to her. After an interplanetary war is fought to control the most valuable piece of real estate in the galaxy, aliens invade, intent on exploiting MP-1’s vast mineral resources. Unknowingly, their mining operations inflict cataclysmic damages to the Entities domain. In response, she is forced to fight the invaders to protect her mission—the only reason for her existence.


Communications with the mining operations on MP-1 have ceased. The nations of Earth and the planets of Cloatia and Kandar, who have depleted their resources, are desperate for Earth to resume the mineral shipments needed to fuel their power grid reactors. Government officials on Earth, concerned about their people and the loss of revenues, dispatch Dr. Carmen Anne Stevens and a small special ops team, to investigate the situation.


The miners are dead — their bodies, torn to pieces and scattered over the mining compound — with no clues as to whom or what did the killing. During the investigation, they discover a strange cavern and find Rominium — an element needed as the basic fuel for dark energy reactors and not available anywhere else in the galaxy. While in that cavern, they make contact with an Entity named Sorious. Sensing Sara is different from the other invaders, Sorious spares their lives and tries to telepathically communicate with Sara—her only hope to save her mission.


Sara Anne Steven’s project to develop dark energy reactors hit a stopping point. The Rominium, she needed, wasn’t available anywhere except MP-1. Sara convinces her boss, to let her relocate the Star project to MP-1 — despite the extreme dangers of a planet overrun by vicious predators and a poor creature desperately needing help and killing as her only defense mechanism. Sara and the creature learn to communicate. Sorious agrees to let Sara take the minerals she needs, but insists they never enter her cavern.


Convinced Earth is trying to sabotage their economy by delaying mineral shipments, the Cloatians dispatch a space force and soldiers to take possession of MP-1. An interplanetary war breaks out between Earth and Cloatia, leading to a massive space naval battle—the outcome of which will determine who controls the most valuable piece of real estate in the galaxy.


The Entity, drawn into the middle of the conflict, fights for her survival as the war rages on. After the bloody conflict is resolved, the massacres and mineral shipment delays caused by the Entity are of such concern, Earth and its allies vote to destroy the creature. Sara is convinced Sorious is not a mindless killer but an intelligent being protecting something of great importance. Despite the danger to herself, she convinces them she must return to MP-1 to understand the cause of the Entities seemingly irrational behavior, to save her life, and the mission entrusted to her.

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