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author of high tech, action orientated science fiction

The Entity

Entity awoke with a start — angry and confused. What is that strange noise? Who dares to disturb my domain? It’s not time yet. I don’t understand.


Entrusted with a mission of the greatest importance, the Entity had endured a thousand years of total isolation and loneliness. The only sounds she had heard during that long wait were the incessant dripping of limestone-laden water slowly creating the stalagmites and stalactites that covered much of the floor and ceiling of her gigantic cavern buried deep in the mountains. Fortunately, her task would soon be over. She longed for the moment when she could be at rest, free of mental anguish and the unbearable isolation she had endured for so long.


These strange noises filled her with overwhelming apprehension. Invaders were in her cavern and destroying it. She had to stop them or her mission would fail and her only reason for existence eliminated.

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