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author of high tech, action orientated science fiction

The Last 40 Days

Dr. Jerimiah BarJobe, a theoretical physicist, struggled with a conflict between his religious and scientific beliefs all his life. To resolve the dilemma, he builds a time machine and returnes in time to AD 33. His objective: to find out if Jesus was the messiah or just a prophet and the new testament a lie.


Dr. Jeremiah BarJobe, who worked for the CIA, spent years torn between his scientific and religious beliefs. After the death of his wife, while on assignment near the Arctic Circle, he loses faith in God. He becomes a drunkard and quits his job at the CIA. After much difficulty, and soul searching, Jeremiah quits drinking and looks for a new direction — not knowing what he will do with the rest of his life.


An Italian company obtains copies of Jerimiah’s PhD thesis on time travel from Cal Tech. Critical omissions from his theory, approved by his professors, prevent s the company from implementing the theory to build a machine. Out of frustration, they offer Jeremiah a chance to head their project — something he dreamed about in graduate school. He accepts, thinking he could build the machine, use it to go back in time, and resolve his lifelong conflict.


Animal and unmanned tests to the future and to the past, were successfully completed and he was being considered for the Nobel prize in physics. He was rich, and his life was budding with a new romance.


To complete the manned testing and wrap up the project, Jeremiah’s company agrees to let him travel one week into the future. As he steps though the time gate, the system fails and sends Jerimiah more than two thousand years in the past. Before they can resolve the failure, the Italian government shuts the project down citing national security issues. Jeremiah is stranded in the year AD 33, in ancient Rome, with no hope of ever returning. He needs money to live so he uses his prior experience with the CIA to get employment with the Roman Intelligence Service as an analysist.


Responding to an urgent request from Pontius Pilate, Jeremiah’s boss sends him to Judea to investigate a prophet named Jesus and infiltrate a radical group, The Brotherhood, who are trying to recruit Jesus to head a rebellion against Rome. Jeremiah readily accepts the assignment and intends to use it as an opportunity to uncover the truth. Was Jesus the Messiah, as claimed, or a false prophet and the New Testament a lie?

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