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author of high tech, action orientated science fiction

The Wormhole Project

A top secret, high-risk endeavor, the Wormhole Project, was designed to facilitate space exploration in the far reaches of the galaxy. However, during development, the wormhole becomes unstable and kills twenty-two of the world’s greatest scientists. The project is immediately shut down citing it as too dangerous and unmanageable


Ten years later, the National Science and Technology Agency (NSTA) restarts the project and is seeking a theoretical physicist to manage the revived program. A unique thesis written by Dr. Harry Stevenson, a young post graduate from Cal Tech, is sent to NSTA by Harry’s professor, Scot Kimberly, a consultant to Dr. Bill Hart at NSTA. Kimberly calls Hart and convinces him to hire Harry despite his youth and inexperience.


System Technology Laboratories (STL) in New Mexico is selected by NSTA to manage and develop the wormhole system. After year three years of unimpeded progress, moles infiltrate and disrupt the project. Initial space flights through the wormhole are plagued with sabotage, killing many of Harry’s team members. What starts out as a gift to allow humanity to explore the stars, becomes a struggle to complete the project and defeat the terrorists who have a single objective — to steal the technology, develop a weapon of mass destruction and dominate the Earth.


In a final showdown, the United States is given 72 hours to surrender or face total annihilation. There is no defense against the black hole weapon system. Harry and his team are the last hope to change the course of events.

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